A Chronology of US Airborne and Special Operations Forces – Significant Events, Personnel and Insignia Interactive CD

This 1,870 page publication listing the chronological events of more than 7,000 U.S. Army organizations and more than 5,000 personnel. Although the narrative cut-off was made at the end of 2006, subsequent new airborne and SOF insignia have been inserted within the new images being inserted in the appropriate page(s) within the almost 580 full-color insignia pages. (Note many pages carry up to 40 different insignia)

The initial almost 1,100 pages have both Numerical and Alphabetical indices, and is a veritable who-is-who within the entire airborne and SOF communities. It has been formatted in strict by-year sequence providing the citations with photographs of every U.S. Army airborne or SOF Medal of Honor recipient inserted chronologically through the publication. Many Distinctive Service Cross recipients and some lower awards for gallantry are also included as appropriate. This a virtual cradle-to-grave accounting of U.S. Army airborne and SOF units, addressing their constitution, activation, vignettes of significant activities and accomplishments; relocations, redesignations, consolidations, inactivations, reactivations, or disbanded, and a virtual who’s who of the airborne and SOF community. It identifies commanders and senior NCOs, their individual accomplishments, and their Unit Awards and Citations.

The Tables of Contents and Insignia Indices are fully interactive. (NOTE: ALL Chapter pages are now interactive.)

An added fully interactive specialty is the Flash and Oval Finder, with flashes and oval wing trimmings sorted by major colors of the spectrum – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. The Indigo and Violet were combined as ‘Purple’ to accommodate U.S. Army Civil Affairs. Two other categories were added: Red, White, and Blue – those flashes and wing trimmings that boasted the National Colors, and finally ‘Miscellaneous’.

Collectors can compare their unknown flash or wing trimming against the listed similar insignia by category. When finding the unknown item, select the page number(s) beneath the image and you will be taken directly to where that insignia is located within the chronology.

The majority of beret flashes, wing trimmings, and shoulder sleeve insignia are scans of the actual item.

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