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  1. JL Pete Morgan

    My sincere compliments on a fantastic undertaking done so well. This will be the ultimate in the field for many years to come. Thank you.

  2. Judy Corbett

    Excellent CD. Never before published such a great work! This should be used in every military school.

  3. Phill Lockett

    This is a monumental tome of US Army Airborne/SOF history,lineage,individuals and insignia and stands alongside the late LTC Ian D Sutherland-SF of the US Army 1952-82 and Capt. Shelby L Stanton’s reference masterpieces.If you enjoy reading US military history, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Mr Barker.

  4. William A. Hudspeath

    If you purchased Geoff Barkers’ earlier books on US Army Airborne and Special Operations history but were resigned to waiting years for him to cover all of the other branches (as was his announced plan), wait no more. Just grab this CD and 95% of your reference needs will be instantly available. Just a fabulous effort that sets a standard for ease of use and depth of coverage.

  5. Gary Perkowski

    An astounding amount of material, in regards to the Airborne and Special Operations history.
    No where can you find as much information and insignia in one publication. Easy to use, excellent graphics. Every collector/historian should own this. Excellent work Geoff.
    Thank you

  6. Ray Calafell

    Geoff – This CD represents a huge undertaking which I saw in the trunk of your car in thick volumes of three-ring binders that were shock-full of material that you were checking and double checking for accuracy before entering into the database which is now on this wonderful research tool. You have succeeded in producing a superb and more importantly, easy to use, monograph that will assist in preserving the accurate history of these units. Thank you for the countless hours you spent in producing this encyclopedic work that belongs in every military library.

  7. Manfred B.

    Excellent CD.One of the best Reference Guides I ever saw and very easy to use.Congratulations Sir,you`ve done good work.Thanks again.

  8. Barry Holtan

    As a fellow collector/historian of Airborne and Special Operations Forces, I am proud to have Geoff as a peer and in no small way, one of a very few that has been so influential in my own collecting focus. As Messers Hudspeath and Morgan have stated -and both excellent collecting resource authors in their own right- this work that Geoff has undertaken will stand for many years to come as the bible of Airborne & Special Operations. He has compiled enough information to comprise at least half a dozen separate complete books that would easily stand on their own merits… all in a single publication! I am thankful that his years of first-hand experience and off-hours research was not allowed to ‘simply fade away’. Thank you Geoff for this vital piece of reference and I can only hope that with your inspiration, guidance and friendship -that I too, will someday be able to contribute to the ABN/SOF community! Congratulations!

  9. Jim

    This is truly an amazing undertaking unlike any other in the past. Mr. Baker has gone to great lengths to provide not only the history of the US Army Airborne and Special Operations Forces unit by unit but, he has also provided their insignia. It pains me to realize how many insignia I have overlooked in the past because I just did not know what it was. It is a new day in collecting as I am now armed with the single tool which will enable me to make my collection bigger and better. If you collect anything Airborne then you MUST have this reference for your collection. ATW! Jim

  10. Tim B.

    I learned about Geoff’s CD at the ASMIC show in Kansas City recently — and learned that an updated version was just released. I bought it as soon as I got home, and I was not disappointed. This reference is unique in its coverage, and one of the best examples of such a work ever written. Truly encyclopedic in its coverage of history, personnel, and insignia. Thank you for your dedication to this material.

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